Differentiated Value Proposition

At Account Ability we differentiate ourselves through our value proposition and scalability. In delivering financial management, administration and other services, we stand apart from our competitors.

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Property Administration Services

Account Ability provides complete financial and administration services to Residential Estates and Commercial Property Owners.

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Property Debt Collection

The Account Ability team are registered as Debt Collectors and provides professional debt collection services.

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Operational Property Management

Account Ability provides end-to-end property management services. To ensure on-going success of an Estate and Commercial Property, hands-on operational management and maintenance are essential.

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Account Ability provides complete financial, administration and operational management services to Residential Estates and Commercial Property Owners.





Account Ability provides complete debt collection services significantly improving your company’s cash availability.

Account Ability offers complete outsourced financial accounting services, from invoice to trail balance. We charge your members and tenants with levies, rental and operational cost recoveries. Process supplier invoices and prepare payment requisitions. We will manage your payroll including monthly PAYE, UIF, salary and wages payment runs.

Bank account processing and reconciliations are done weekly, ensuring up to date accounting records and information availability for cash and investment decision making. Up to date information also allows for proactive debt collection management.

We prepare for our clients monthly management accounts, detailing monthly and year to date actual revenue and spend to budget, cash flow indicators as well as their debtors' age analysis, with detailed comments.

Annually we will compile a year-end audit file, arranging the audit of financial records and the compilation of the Annual Financial Statements, assisting in all queries raised by the Auditors. We take care of the storage of all documents and records as required by relevant South African acts.

Account Ability management services focusses on three main areas; Strategic Management, Operational Efficiency and Cash Flow Management.

Through Strategic Management we support Residential Estates and Commercial Property Owners on setting short and long term strategies and plans on how to implement the strategies, including the required budgets to fund the implementations.

Our Operational Efficiency support evaluates whether your processes are being followed in all aspects of operations; enhancing simplicity and cost efficiency. Operational areas include security management, operational and maintenance management.

Cash Flow Management is core to the success of any Residential Estates or Commercial Property company. Proactive management of debtors are essential to ensuring the budget balances and investment and expense plans can be achieved. Account Ability offers debt collection services which proved to be successful.

Account Ability manages all your company records as required by the Companies Act, Companies and Intellectual Property Commissions (CIPC) as well as the South African Revenue Services (SARS). We management the submission of all CIPC and SARS returns as required, monitor compliance to relevant South African acts and keep up to date registers of members and tenants.

We facilitate Annual General Meetings which includes the sending of notices to members, proxy management and electronic member registration. We would take minutes and distribute the same to members and the Board of Directors.


  • “Account Ability, onder die Direkteurskap van Pieter Conradie, is sedert 2007 die aangewese Besturende Agent vir die Irene Farm Villages Huis Eienaars Vereniging”
    – At van Niekerk

    “Account Ability lewer 'n uitstaande diens”
    – At van Niekerk

  • “…is entrusted as our Managing Agent for 650 monthly accounts”
    – Casper Badenhorst

    “...Great ability to resolve problems…Always willing to do more and walk an extra mile”
    – Casper Badenhorst

  • “…responsible for the complete management of the HOA's finances”
    – Peter Varrie

    “.. contribute to decision making and general Estate management”
    – Peter Varrie

  • “Cash Management: Done very effectively. Therefore no arrear levy accounts and always a proper cash flow available”
    – Corrie Mare

    “Meetings: Professionally done, well prepared and very punctual.”
    – Corrie Mare

  • “ valuable, knowledgeable and an experienced person in the Management of Home Owner Associations”
    – Joe de Lucia

    “…exceptional support to any team” – Joe de Lucia

A message from Pieter

Job 10:2

"U het my die lewe gegee en met liefde versorg, met sorg het U oor my gewaak."

"You have granted me life and favor, and Your care has preserved my spirit."

Account Ability offers professional and personalised financial, administration and operational management services in the property industry.